mercredi 27 février 2013

How to use Cheat Engine

Hello Gamerz , today am going to show you how to use cheat engine :
first you need to know that it does not work with online games ,but it does help a lot with regular games i am going to show you how to use it on PES 2011 on my computer .
-first step open your game and cheat engine at the same time : 
as you can see i have already unlocked all the interesting extra content on the game:P and i have 997020 Gp left .

 your game must be running at the same time as cheat engine

 select your game on the window list
 then you make a first scan with the number of "money" that you have in my case 997020 if you get a lot of results just buy something and then change 997020 to the number you have after buying and click next scan.

 when you finally have one result you double click it

 change it's value into any value you choose it is that simple.
hit OK and that is it this method works for nearly every single game that i have played except for online games of course

THANKS for visiting my blog and take care everyone
P.S there is also the speed hack button that works with strategy games mostly to speed up the process of waiting.

Gameboy Advance Emulator for Iphone Itouch

Have you ever played on a Gameboy advance ? have you ever played a Pokemon game before ? well Today am going to show you how to get a Gameboy Advance Emulator on you Iphone or Ipod Touch For Free .

-First you need a Jailbroken Device
-Go to Cydia and add a source :
-Search for Gpsphone ; and then install it, you will need the Bios too so download the one named gpsPhone + Bios so you won't have to search for them later .
-alright now you have the emulator all you need is Games , if you have safari download manager it is fine you will download them from the wab on
-If you don't have Safari Download Manager you will need to get to Cydia and install a rom package.
to do that you need to add a source :
the packages will be automatically installed on you Rom folder on Ifile located in :/var/mobile/Media/Roms/GBA.
i hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you next time.

p.s :Best game on Gameboy advance is Pokemon - Emerald & If you get the games working and you are not comfortable with the small screen  go to options on your gpsPhone Emulator and choose Skin number 5 and enable Scalling

mardi 26 février 2013

Top 10 apps on Iphone 5

Hello everyone this is my Top 10 apps optimized for Iphone 5
let's get it started:
1/ Asphalt 7 - amazing graphics and a good gameplay i highly recommend it to iphone 5 owners
2/ Eternity warrior - same thing good fantasy game .
3/ Jet pack joy ride - good old joy ride insanely addictive game .
4/ Metal storm - Awesome game it's about flying yep
5/ lili- You go girl lol
6/ Temple run 2- everyone loved temple run 1 but temple run 2 you will just jump on it
7/ Front line commando- great shooting game
8/ Tiny towers - take care of the crazy tiny people
9/ Indestructible - go crazy with that little destruction machine
10/ happy street - make those tiny houses bigger and bigger

take music off Iphone and Ipod touch without Itunes

Hi everyone today it's for some iphone stuff.
how to delete music from your iphone ,ipod touch using only Ifile.
ok first you open ifile then .... oh what that hell ,am gonna show you guys in video ,that i just uploaded on my youtube channel :
i hope you guys enjoyed the video as i did making it -_- and don't forget to leave comments bellow thanks for watching and take care .

Total War shogun 2 Cheats codes

Hello guys this is a collection of cheats on the new Total War Shogun 2 enjoy :

.matteosartori or .daggins : to show the whole map
.muchkoku : unlimited KoKu
.prototypearmy unlimited health of the army
.ifoundsomecu :
all provinces have copper
.conan : start a new game with the Hojo Clan
.viagra :
build armuries in any province on the next round
.mefoundsomeau : get some gold
.mefoundsomeag :
get some silver
.mefoundsomecu :
get some copper
.spylookahead :
kill any enemy without any life loses
.booyakasha :
produce and build buildings faster.
if you have any questions just leave a comment bellow , Take care everybody

GTA 4 cheats for ps3

Ok here are some cheats that i managed to try on PS3:
use your cell phone to enter these cheats .
      Health & Weapons           482-555-0100

Health & Armour 362-555-0100

Weapons (Advanced) 486-555-0100

Weapons (Poor) 486-555-0150

Remove Wanted Level 267-555-0100

Raise Wanted Level 267-555-0150

Change Weather 468-555-0100

Spawn Annihilator. 359-555-0100

Spawn Jetmax 938-555-0100

Spawn NRG-900. 625-555-0100

Spawn Sanchez. 625-555-0150

Spawn FIB Buffalo 227-555-0100

Spawn Comet. 227-555-0175

Spawn Turismo. 227-555-0147

Spawn Cognoscenti. 227-555-0142

Spawn Super GT 227-555-0168

lundi 25 février 2013

Playstation 4 the official designe

Hello everyone and welcome to you all , we heard a lot about the new Playstation 4 and the Internet was crawling with a lot of crazy stuff about the design and the technology that Sony will use in making it .

But during the official launch of the Playstation 4 Sony has uncovered some amazing and surprising infos about their latest console , the new control the dual shock 4 ,the stereo camera the new crazy preferences that will guaranty the owner of this bad ass peace of awesomeness the greatest gaming experience they have ever had on their lives , i don't know about you but am getting a playstation 4 as soon as i can get my self enough money , so take care everyone .

How to lower ping on online games

Hello everyone am here today to tell you guys how to reduce the famous ping or latency in online games like battlefield , call of duty , halo etc...

first step is open your register editor , and to do that you have to go to menu and select the execute bar and you tip in "regedit",

                                                           the you go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SYSTEM =>current control set =>services =>TCpip=> parametrs=>interfaces : at this point you will see lots of files you should be looking for the one with your IP address feel free to look inside each one of them until you find the file named IPAdress then you creat a new DWORDvalue then rename it to "TcpAckFrequency" then make an other one name it "TCPNoDelay" and you got to modify their values into 1 instead of 0 so they can be activate , and that is prety much everything you just got to reboot your computer and enjoy .

download free torrents

hello everyone , today i am going to tell you how to download and install torrent files .

-First step you need to get your self a torrent manager ,and the most popular are Bittorrent and Utorrent you can get it for free from here : Bittorrent
-Second you need to search your torrent files and you can also use Google on this step , the most popular torrent sources are kickasstorrent recommended and piratebays

-When you search a torrent make sure it is well rated and heavily commented too so you can download it safely and fast.

-The last step is the download , you should click the "download this torrent" button to download the file normally via your normal download manager ,it is not a huge file usually ,then open the file you just downloaded with the torrent manager and VOILA the file is downloading via torrent.

ps: if you have any problems with the download being slow , try another torrent file that may have more clients .

Burn out Paradise joystick probleme

Hello everyone , i got the burnout paradise the ultimate box 2009 and let me tell you it's amazing , the graphics the game play and the controls ,but when i tried to play the game using my joystick , i couldn't because my joystick was not automatically configured or even recognized by the game .
so here is the trick when your on the pause menu go to configuration then controls and click one of the options there like you want to configure a keyboard button and press a button on your joystick and VOILA your joystick is displayed on the controllers , i hope this post will help you enjoy your game and take care


Hi everyone, if you like cyborg ninjas and slashing bad guys into more than two peaces. Then you should consider picking up the new Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Developed by Platinum Games , for PS3 and Xbox 360 , a game based on swords and bad ass graphics , our hero is fighting a private military company this time known as Desperado Enterprises ,our cyborg ninja or raiden AKA solide snake, initially playable in his "White" form, which was based on his appearance in Guns of the Patriots, where he is depicted as wearing white armor. At some point in the game he switches to the more powerful "Black" cyborg armor variant which draws extra energy from "Zan-Datsu"I guess it means the enemies killed , Raiden's main weapon is his balde but you can certainly use other weapons that you can obtain after defeating the game’s bosses .
At the start of the game, Raiden is working for the Colorado-based PMC Maverick Security to raise money for his family, performing multiple tasks such as the training of armies and VIP protection in an unknown African country that is recovering from a previous civil war. However, Raiden encounters an army of cyborgs from Desperado Enterprises, a self-proclaimed PMC that has been involved in various terrorist attacks. Their leader, Sundowner, kidnaps Raiden's protectee, Prime Minister N'Mani, and Raiden goes to his rescue. Once reaching him, Sundowner kills N'Nani while his comrade, Samuel Rodrigues, defeats Raiden. Barely managing to survive, Raiden is given a new black cyborg armor that is much more powerful.
Raiden's opportunity for revenge comes a few weeks after his defeat when he learns that Desperado is leading a military coup in Abkhazia .In Abkhazia, Raiden takes down Desperado's IF Prototype LQ-84i and sends it to Maverick to have it repaired as his new ally, Bladewolf. Raiden continues his mission of capturing Abkhazian liberation extremist Andrey Dolzaev but is opposed by Mistral, the commander of Desperado forces in-country who is working for Dolzaev. Dolzaev commits suicide by blowing up a power pylon with himself on it after seeing Raiden kill Mistral. Maverick then instructs Raiden to investigate a Guadalajara research facility with Bladewolf. There, he meets an orphan named George, whose brain was going to be extracted alongside several other kids and sent to America. The facility was inspected by Sundowner and Colorado Sen. Steven Armstrong who works for World Marshall, one of Desperado's allied PMCs. The two PMCs plan to use the orphan's brains and place them inside cybernetic bodies to obtain new soldiers.
Raiden rescues George and the orphans and takes them to Maverick. Knowing that attacking World Marshall continues these immoral practices, but remains right to do so in the eyes of the law, Raiden abruptly resigns from Maverick and launches a corporate raid in Denver, massacring several DPD cops and Desperado soldiers in the process. Maverick still decides to aid Raiden, albeit unofficially. Throughout his battles, Raiden becomes conflicted with his actions and starts turning into his "Jack the Ripper" persona after encountering Samuel and Monsoon as the two are guarding World Marshall's headquarters.Raiden briefly unleashes his Jack the Ripper person, killing Monsoon before assaulting World Marshall's HQ. In confronting Sundowner, Raiden learns that Armstrong was using Desperado to hold off Raiden as he executes "Operation Tecumseh" - a plan to kill the President of the United States during peace talks with Pakistan to ensure another War on Terror.
After killing Sundowner, Doktor takes the brain canisters in a transport chopper while Raiden seeks help from the Solis company to get to Pakistan. On his way to Solis, Raiden is stopped by Samuel in Badlands and the two have their final duel. Following Raiden's victory, Solis operative Sunny helps him reach Shabhazabad Air Base in Pakistan to alert US military forces in the area. He is then attacked by a nano-enhanced Armstrong who is piloting the new Metal Gear Excelsus. Raiden destroys Excelsus and kills Armstrong with Bladewolf's help. Following the battle, Maverick has their cyborg firm approved allowing them to take care of the orphans that were going to be used by Desperado. Although Desperado was defeated, World Marshall is still in business and Raiden opts not to return to Maverick stating that he has his own war to fight.