mercredi 27 février 2013

Gameboy Advance Emulator for Iphone Itouch

Have you ever played on a Gameboy advance ? have you ever played a Pokemon game before ? well Today am going to show you how to get a Gameboy Advance Emulator on you Iphone or Ipod Touch For Free .

-First you need a Jailbroken Device
-Go to Cydia and add a source :
-Search for Gpsphone ; and then install it, you will need the Bios too so download the one named gpsPhone + Bios so you won't have to search for them later .
-alright now you have the emulator all you need is Games , if you have safari download manager it is fine you will download them from the wab on
-If you don't have Safari Download Manager you will need to get to Cydia and install a rom package.
to do that you need to add a source :
the packages will be automatically installed on you Rom folder on Ifile located in :/var/mobile/Media/Roms/GBA.
i hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you next time.

p.s :Best game on Gameboy advance is Pokemon - Emerald & If you get the games working and you are not comfortable with the small screen  go to options on your gpsPhone Emulator and choose Skin number 5 and enable Scalling

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