lundi 25 février 2013

download free torrents

hello everyone , today i am going to tell you how to download and install torrent files .

-First step you need to get your self a torrent manager ,and the most popular are Bittorrent and Utorrent you can get it for free from here : Bittorrent
-Second you need to search your torrent files and you can also use Google on this step , the most popular torrent sources are kickasstorrent recommended and piratebays

-When you search a torrent make sure it is well rated and heavily commented too so you can download it safely and fast.

-The last step is the download , you should click the "download this torrent" button to download the file normally via your normal download manager ,it is not a huge file usually ,then open the file you just downloaded with the torrent manager and VOILA the file is downloading via torrent.

ps: if you have any problems with the download being slow , try another torrent file that may have more clients .

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