mercredi 27 février 2013

How to use Cheat Engine

Hello Gamerz , today am going to show you how to use cheat engine :
first you need to know that it does not work with online games ,but it does help a lot with regular games i am going to show you how to use it on PES 2011 on my computer .
-first step open your game and cheat engine at the same time : 
as you can see i have already unlocked all the interesting extra content on the game:P and i have 997020 Gp left .

 your game must be running at the same time as cheat engine

 select your game on the window list
 then you make a first scan with the number of "money" that you have in my case 997020 if you get a lot of results just buy something and then change 997020 to the number you have after buying and click next scan.

 when you finally have one result you double click it

 change it's value into any value you choose it is that simple.
hit OK and that is it this method works for nearly every single game that i have played except for online games of course

THANKS for visiting my blog and take care everyone
P.S there is also the speed hack button that works with strategy games mostly to speed up the process of waiting.

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