mardi 26 février 2013

Total War shogun 2 Cheats codes

Hello guys this is a collection of cheats on the new Total War Shogun 2 enjoy :

.matteosartori or .daggins : to show the whole map
.muchkoku : unlimited KoKu
.prototypearmy unlimited health of the army
.ifoundsomecu :
all provinces have copper
.conan : start a new game with the Hojo Clan
.viagra :
build armuries in any province on the next round
.mefoundsomeau : get some gold
.mefoundsomeag :
get some silver
.mefoundsomecu :
get some copper
.spylookahead :
kill any enemy without any life loses
.booyakasha :
produce and build buildings faster.
if you have any questions just leave a comment bellow , Take care everybody

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